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You may know that in the first scene of the third act of Hamlet, the prince considers in his soliloquy the fundamental underlying question of life and death. His utterance does not go unheard, however, as he ends the question saying "Nymph! In thy orisons, be all my sins remembered."

This game picks up there.

Ophelia is a two-player social micro RPG, designed for the Pleasure-not-Business Card RPG Jam. It's about not just the back half of 3.1, but the fourth act of Hamlet and its secret tragedies, being a Cassandra in the modern world, and our private nightmares remaining private. It's about opening up at the cost of alienating your audience. You can play it onstage, or on a long bus ride, with a friend, or with a complete stranger. Ophelia is a standalone work, but also playable in response to Hamlet by W.H. Arthur, Blow Up Hamlet by Small Gods Press, or as a prequel to Jared Sinclair's Ophelia-A-Role-Playing-Game.

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