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Wow! A Clown Playbook! I wonder what that's about?

The Clown is a playbook for Austin Ramsay's Beam Saber about using personal risk and failure to illustrate innate truths about what it means to be alive and what it means to be a person in the engine of war. You can play a stunt pilot, do unto your CO as Prince Hamlet does to Polonius, or re-enact your favorite Pagliacci joke in the face of certain doom.

Inspired by playbooks like  the Watchpoint and the Giantkiller, the Clown is built mechanically around re-thinking how the standard action rolls work in Forged in the Dark,  exploring exciting new relationships with failure and success, and having a good time no matter what the dice say.

  • 12 page playbook in full HD color + fillable Google Sheets playbook
  • 8 new special playbook abilities + a fun optional XP rule
  • 9 new pieces of pilot and vehicle gear to make your Clown unique
  • Step-by-step explanations for how the Clown's abilities work together
  • Ethical discussion starters for bringing the Clown to your table

Clowns are part of a broad historical tradition of performance and social roleplaying - your Clown doesn't have to be a "clown" by our modern conventional way of thinking. If you're interested in playing an artist of any sort, someone deeply committed to a part, anyone who stares deep into the abyss and laughs, or a housepet who is a valued if unconventional pilot of a mech, download The Clown today!

ps -  The Clown, The Architect, and the squad playbook The Troupe all together are available as The Arts of War. purchasing The Clown gets you five dollars off The Arts of War, so feel free to pick this up first to see what it's like, or get the whole bunch!

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I don't own Beam Saber or this playbook. The closest I have gotten is listening to PARTIZAN. This concept is so strong that it makes me immediately want to purchase a copy of both and play as it.