A downloadable playbook

Riches to rags! Princes to paupers! Whether your character studied sculpture at Saint Martin's College or was merely fed by a silver spoon, The Prince is a playbook for Blades in the Dark about being a scoundrel by choice, rather than necessity. Touchstones include Marius Pontmercy, Common People, Percy Blakeney from The Scarlet Pimpernel, Iron-Blooded Orphan's Kudelia Bernstein, and failing children from any number of noble houses in space. Your reasons for choosing this life are your own, but unlike everyone else caught in Doskvol's underworld, you can always walk away.

The Prince was designed for the Unusual Suspects Jam in September 2020.

Included are a character sheet and playbook ready to use!


Prince Character Sheet.pdf 327 kB
Prince Playbook Book.pdf 24 MB


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this is such a good and sharp playbook!

I love this concept. The Double Dealer ability is especially good.

this is so cool!!!! i love it!!

A phenomenal playbook that I can't wait to get to the table. Well done!